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NAVPAK Version 12.0, released January, 2001

Performance enhancements have been implemented in all of the NAVPAK modules. The Monthly Planner has received proportionally more attention than in prior releases, reflecting the increased user interest in longer term planning, travel calendars, and summary reports of aircraft and crew usage.

  • Automatically paste multi-day schedules to Monthly Planner
  • Classic Calendar enlarged
  • New Vertical Calendar introduced
  • New Multi-plane Calendar implemented
  • The "Your Text" Calendar has been upgraded
  • More Rolling Forward calendars activated
  • Twelve month reports introduced to Monthly Planner
  • Two new Multi-plane reports in Monthly Planner
  • New "User Defined" Crew Usage Report in Monthly Planner
  • Many NAVPAK Screen sizes increased
  • Crew Time module now accept Part 91 entries
  • Each Waypoint Entry now feeds back airport details
  • Easier access to Alternative Drives and Directories form
  • Saving to a unique name has been streamlined
  • A more diagnostic printout available for troubleshooting
  • Flight leg details in Scheduler are more accessible
  • New Pilot Schedule option: a totals line in footnote
  • Scheduler times can be toggled to GMT (Zulu) format
  • New option to print all FAA advisories for airports in trip
  • Flight Purpose added to Pilot Schedule
  • Super Search and Scheduler grids display more data
  • Legs in Scheduler and Bidder are now numbered
  • Dates may now be printed as "Open" in the Bidder
  • New Surcharge options are available in Bidder
  • NAVPAK will now export nav data to Street Mapping software
  • One-click instant Help added to the Bidder's Fine Tune screen
  • Airport Notes file management functions incorporated
  • Canadian Super Search data has been upgraded

NAVPAK Version 11.5 (Started shipping in July, 2000)

NAVPAK Version 11.0 (Started shipping in January, 2000)

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