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Every so often "less" is better than "more." NAVPAK Squirt is a miniaturized application for today’s smart phones. Like its full-size, desktop parent it provides answers to how far, how fast and how much. Current NAVPAK subscribers will want to have this powerhouse for all of those times when a laptop computer is simply too big. NAVPAK Squirt Mobile is an add on like Super Search and Hotel Search, but is currently available at no cost to NAVPAK users.

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NAVPAK Squirt can be found on the Internet. It has a special database that NAVPAK users can reach with a User name and Password. The NAVPAK Squirt will operate as long as NAVPAK remains current.

NAVPAK Squirt automatically adjusts winds aloft for the current, or any other month, based on "Boeing Winds" data. Accuracy of flight time estimates is strongly enhanced.

A personalized Aircraft Performance file can be loaded with a click. Performance files may be added, deleted or modified.

A complete itinerary may be typed sequentially using the smart phone keyboard. The Squirt has a worldwide ICAO database.

When an airport ID is not known, an ID search can be initiated. Squirt will locate the ID of any airport associated with the requested name.

Searches by airport city name will often list several airports. Each airport is defined by a unique identifier, best runway length available, and best air approach.

Calculated results include leg-by-leg time, distance and cost details. Flight totals and assumptions are also displayed. Result may be emailed to yourself, the office, or even a client.

NAVPAK Squirt results are easy to send by email. They can be mailed to your email address, to the office or to a client.

Aircraft Performance files may be edited and personalized in most of the ways available in the standard NAVPAK. Personalized flies may be re-named, copied, deleted or saved.

The Performance File Editor permits both short and long term adjustments.

Squirt is available to companies that own a current version of NAVPAK. A single-user subscription permits up to three employees to use Squirt Mobile. This offer applies to version 21.0 & 21.5 of NAVPAK Global Dispatcher.

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