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NAVPAK is the leading provider of software solutions for managing charter operations, scheduling flights, preparing itineraries, searching for hotels, and locating airports, FBO services, advisories, and fuel sources.

NAVPAK is a software program designed for the needs of the dispatcher's side of business aviation, for both North American and International travel. NAVPAK's knowledge base contains an enormous amount of information about Airports, Navaids, Routes, and FBO services. NAVPAK itself is an expert Scheduler for both passenger and pilot use. NAVPAK is also a strong performer in the area of charter cost estimates, bids and invoices.
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SUPER-SEARCH is a place name locator that lets you find places anywhere in anywhere in the world in order to identify nearby airports, airport services and enroute navaids. SUPER-SEARCH provides even more flexible and extensive search features than are available from NAVPAK's standard AIRPORT-SEARCH module.
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HOTEL-SEARCH is an information-rich directory of hotels and other lodging facilities located near airports throughout North America and International destinations. It relies heavily on local FBO and pilot recommendations. Hotel-Search is integrated into NAVPAK's Scheduler function to make it easy to point and shoot hotel references directly into the leg notes of a Passenger or Pilot Schedule without retyping.
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NAVPAK Dispatcher software,
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