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NAVPAK's global HOTEL SEARCH module is an electronic directory of hotels and other lodging facilities located near airports throughout the United States and other countries around the world. In addition to providing an airport-specific list of lodgings and how to contact them, HOTEL-SEARCH provides detailed information about facilities and amenities available at each establishment, including price range, phone numbers, room count, and distance from the airport in minutes.

HOTEL-SEARCH links to the NAVPAK Scheduler smoothly so that hotels can be cut and pasted into a NAVPAK schedule without any retyping.

The HOTEL-SEARCH database expands upon the airport hotel guide found in the AC-U-KWIK International Manager's Edition.

HOTEL-SEARCH lets you specify an airport ID, or search the NAVPAK database for the ID of airports in and near a given city. It offers a selection of lodgings for each airport, and lets you compare the features of different hotels within the same vicinity. After selecting preferred hotels or motels, you can add their names and phone numbers to NAVPAK's database of FBO and airport-specific flight service information, and append them as notations in a flight plan or estimate printout.

Key Benefits:

  •  HOTEL-SEARCH is fast, comprehensive, and easy to use.
  •  HOTEL-SEARCH is accessed smoothly from the NAVPAK Scheduler.
  •  HOTEL-SEARCH is rapidly becoming an international resource.

Key Features:

(requires existing NAVPAK plus SUPER-SEARCH license)


New HOTEL-SEARCH 1-3 Users

New HOTEL-SEARCH 4-7 users
New HOTEL-SEARCH 8-12 users

* Prices are subject to change without notice. Price does not include state taxes or Shipping & Handling expenses for the original mailing and update mailing.

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