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NAVPAK's SUPER-SEARCH module is a place name locator that lets you find off-airport villages, towns, suburbs and other spots anywhere in the world. It then identifies nearest airports that meet your aircraft's landing constraints.

SUPER-SEARCH information about all area airports when all you know is a nearby place name, a portion of a place name or a postal Zip code (U.S. only).

SUPER-SEARCH references a detailed atlas of North America and the North Atlantic, so that you do not have to refer to a printed atlas or a sectional map to locate places such as Peanut (California), Speed (Kansas), or Balleygawley (Ireland) that have no airport of their own. In this way, SUPER-SEARCH provides an even more flexible and extensive search feature than available from NAVPAK's built-in AIRPORT and FBO DETAILS module.

Version 11.5 of SUPER-SEARCH has been enhanced to permit the display of potential fuel-stop airports along the great circle route from takeoff to destination. In addition, a click of a button will also show navaids along the route of flight or around a specific place search.

SUPER-SEARCH lets you specify an airport search radius around most points of interest, and produces a listing of airports within that radius. Searches can also be specified on the basis of minimum runway length, fuel available, and type of approach. A mapping option presents onscreen diagrams illustrating the location of each airport relative to your search point.

Key Benefits:

  • SUPER SEARCH is able to find very small towns & rural communities. SUPER-SEARCH searches by place name or Zip code rather than airport identifier. This expands search capacity by a factor of ten. In the United States, for example, there are at least ten towns and villages that have no airport for every city that does have an airport. SUPER SEARCH can begin a search from every one of those towns, villages or low population places.
  • SUPER SEARCH applies runway-length, IFR, fuel and distance filters.
  • SUPER SEARCH maps all contiguous airports up to 200 miles distant.


SUPER-SEARCH Add-on for NAVPAK (requires existing NAVPAK license)


New SUPER-SEARCH 1-3 users

New SUPER-SEARCH 4-7 users
New SUPER-SEARCH 8-12 users

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